Expert for Glass

My main area of expertise is the appraisal of historical and modern glass objects, art glass in architecture, the research on authorship as well as provenance, and the profound assessment of damages.
The Chamber of Commerce Berlin has publicly appointed and sworn me in as an expert witness for European Glass of the 15th to the 21st Century. The German legislation provides for public certification as a way of verifying that an expert is exceptionally qualified in a particular field, has personal integrity, and acts independently and impartially. The rules of procedure require German courts to call a certified expert to the witness box when they are in need of an expert opinion.
  • damage appraisal
  • conservational advice on damages to glass objects
  • authentication and valuation for insurance, transportation or sale
  • inheritance advice
  • advice on sales and purchases

For more information on the range of services a publicly appointed and sworn in art expert offers:

Verena Wasmuth